Hope Dworaczyk on Playboy’s Lingerie Oct-Nov 2010 edition

Check out Hope Dworaczyk, the American Playboy model, looking as she is adequately tagged as ‘sinfully sexy’ on the covers of Playboy’s Lingerie October November 2010 edition.If you are looking this kind of content,you have come to the right place..thanks for your patient reading,let us move on.


Hope is extremely fond of her sister Brittany

Being the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2010 does not come easy for Hope Dworaczyk who says that she rarely stays somewhere for more than seven days before hopping a flight across country or to Europe or another exotic locale. “Sometimes I have 14 hour days before the work actually starts,” she said. While she savors her busy work schedule, what she misses is her family. With spending the majority of her time between New York, Los Angeles and Canada, she does not get a lot of time to make it back home. She also joked as she talked of missing her sister, Brittany. If she could, she would bottle her up so that she would always be with her. Dworaczyk has three younger siblings: one sister and two brothers. While visiting her sister’s house, she got to spend some quality time with her new two-week old niece, Kamryn, who she met for the first time two days earlier. Also visiting was her six-month-old nephew, Kayden, and her three month old cousin, Addison. While shopping with her mom the previous day, they bonded saying that the nieces and nephews would know Dworaczyk as aunt “Lala” because of a song they heard on the radio. Recently, Hope posted a picture of hers with her sister Brittany saying, “Meet my beautiful lil sister Brittany. Plus shes much sweeter than I could ever be.

Hope Dworaczyk shares her beauty secrets backstage at Miami Fashion Week

Ms. Playmate of the Year 2010 recently attended the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week. Here are some tips and beauty secrets she shared from the runway and backstage.

1.) There is no sexier fashion week in the US than Miami! What are the trends you are seeing on the runways? More natural or vibrant with the cute bikinis?

There was more bondage and boobs revealed this Swim Fashion Week than all other swim weeks combined. There wasn’t a color that stood out but there was a lot of nude colored suits and black bondage type suits. I saw faux leather, denim, lace, stone embellishments and more.

2.) Are there tricks backstage like leg or body makeup to make the models look even more flawless?

Make up artist can highlight your abs and cleavage with a few key strokes but the key to having flawless skin is a great moisturizer that makes you dewy and NOT oily. Something with a light shimmer is beautiful too.

3.) Loud and statement nails seem to be really popular right now. What looks are you seeing walking down the runway?

Lots of neon yellows, cobalt blues. It was neon or nude colored. There wasn’t any in between. I normally love the pink “Fiji” color by Essie but right now I’m all about highlighter yellow if I’m at the pool or beach. It’s unexpected and really pops.

4.) Sometimes summer is the perfect time to take a risk and add a pop of color… like a vibrant coral or orange lipstick or blue shadow. Do you add a little extra something during the summer, or try out more daring looks?

I think a great summer look is the color mascara. It makes your eyes pop without looking over done, and you can skip the eyeshadow all together. Make sure its waterproof if youre going to the beach or pool.

5.) What are your thoughts about make-up and the beach? A do or don’t?

That kind of goes hand in hand with the debate about heels at the pool… frankly, I believe there is no place that my heels should not go… but that is just me.
A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, big glasses and maybe a red lip or colored lip stain. If you’re at a pool there is no place heels cannot go and legs and butt will look even better propped up by stilettos!

6.) What would you bring in your beach bag for a day at the beach in South Beach?

Spf, lip stain, water, towel, ipod, great book, and sunnies.

7.) There is nothing sexier than a tan (fake of course) with a shimmering lotion that looks amazing when it catches the light or moonlight… do you have a favorite summer sheen cream?
I like Satsuma shimmer lotion from The Body Shop. It smells really nice and isn’t sticky.

8.) Is the runway makeup different than photo shoot makeup?

Yes. Sometimes they spend only 10 minutes doing make-up backstage before the show. It’s a lot less perfected. I think the idea of it is a runway show is about the collection and designer’s clothes and not the girl wearing it. Photoshoot make-up is all about you. (And a lot of time the product your wearing ex. cover girl ad) So they take a lot more time perfecting you.

9.) What were your favorite beauty looks you saw on the runway during Miami Fashion Week? Which ones would you try yourself off the runway?

I love the blue shadows and liners. Bronzer is a sexy must. I love the headpieces also. Functional and stunning while keeping your hair tame! Also, the newest accessory it piece is a eye mask for sunning. They were gorgeous and can be worn as a headband, on the forhead or over the eyes while tanning. It was like lingerie for the eyes.

10.) And this is not beauty related, BUT how amazing were the bikinis? They had to have been GORGEOUS!

I’m actually a little sad I won’t be in a bikini enough next summer to wear all the beautiful and seductive suits I fell in love with.


Hope makes an impressive appearance on the debut episode of ‘The Girls Next Door’

Sunday night marked the debut of the much awaited and talked about show, The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House, which takes us for a ride in the house full of Playmates.

The first episode introduced us to the cast of characters and juggled through several plots. Aside from Hope Dworaczyk Playmate of the Year speech, there was Jayde Nicole getting Hope wasted and becoming her friend just to get to share the master bedroom (with a killer closet) with Hope.

While in Vegas, the night before Hope’s PMOY speech, Jayde had got the “B” tattooed inside her lower lip removed. The “B” stood for Brody, and since Jayde is now dating Jesse, it frankly has no place in her mouth or anywhere else.

Ultimately, after receiving the Playmate nod from Hef, Claire was cleared to move in to the bunny house with Hef’s approval. Also, Jayde and Hope plan to live together in the master bedroom after bonding over alcohol in Vegas.

But to know who finally gets a nod from Hef to live in the master suite, you will have to keep watching Bunny House for Sundays to come. We ‘HOPE’ to see you there next Sunday!!

Hope and Eva Filomena get robbed at the fashion week

Robbery is not uncommon at fashion fiestas and the latest victims to this are Hope Dowraczyk and her close friend Eva Filomena who got robbed at the New York Fashion Week. However, instead of being violent, the two friends choose to take the high road by accepting what is going on and ridiculing the majestic animals of fashion week.

Here is what the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2010 tweeted at her social networking page, “I got robbed during fashion week!

Hope Dworaczyk at Florida for the Miami Fashion Week Swim 2011

Mercedes-Benz Miami Fashion Week Swim returned for its sixth year to the sandy shores of South Beach, Florida. Kicking off the Miami Fashion Week Swim 2011 was Los Angeles-based designer Trina Turk, who made her debut appearance this year with the eponymous collection, Trina Turk Swim & Spa 2011. The event was pepped up by celebs like Bow Wow and Angela Simmons, Playboy model Hope Dworaczyk, and sibling socialites Olga Rei and Valentine Uhovski. Five days of fashion shows featured the best designers in swim and resort wear and brought a bevy of celebrities, top editors, buyers, and countless parties to the Magic City.

Check out Hope Dworaczyk posing at the poolside during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach Florida……

Hope Dowraczyk hosted the party at Pure Nightclub

Hope Dworaczyk, the Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, hosted the party at Pure Nightclub, Las Vegas, this Saturday, July 17, while Marshall Barnes spinned. Pure, the 40,000 square foot club is featured at CaesarÂ’s Palace. There are 3huge rooms downstairs and an upstairs outdoor terrace sporting its own bar, couches, booths and tables in addition to a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip. Deep reds and champagne reinforce the exquisite, intimate vibe.

Hugh Hefner struggling hard to retain its ‘Playboy’ empire

Hugh Hefner, the owner and finder of Playboy magazine as well as the editor in chief and chief creative officer, is fighting hard to retain his business empire which has given him name, money and fame for such a long time. His ownership is at a threat from the rival ‘Penthouse’ magazine owner who declared that he was ready to launch a higher bid to Hefner’s offer of a $185m takeover deal.

The owners of rival Penthouse magazine said they would launch a higher bid, setting the scene for a battle between the two titans of soft porn.

In response, 83-year-old Hefner, vowed not to sell his controlling stake to anyone. Instead, he planned to offer to buy the 30.5 per cent of the company he does not own. A Michigan-based private-equity firm called Rizvi Traverse Management has agreed to finance Hefner’s bid.

Hefner launched Playboy in 1953 and last 2 decades have seen a downfall in the magazine’s sales. It has also scaling back publication from 12 issues to 10 per year. Overall, the company has lost more than $200m in two years, and its revenues fell by 17 per cent last year.

The Playboy board chaired by David Chemerow intends to form an independent committee to examine Hefner’s bid when it is formally tabled.

Hope Dworaczyk unveils the re-designed Maxximus G-Force

Hope Dworaczyk, the June 2010 Playmate of the Year, unveiled the redesigned car- ‘The Maxximus G-Force’ at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Maxximus G-Force is a street legal car, with air conditioning, leather interior, navigation system and audio system, all sitting on top of a twin turbo, 7-liter V8, 1600hp. Attired in a bright red dress, Hope looked sensuous as ever. Also present at the occasion were Marlon Kirby, the designer of the Maxximus G-Force and the driver on its record- breaking runs, and the car’s owner, David Bruce McMahan. Check out Hope at the

Hope Dworaczyk in a revealing mood at Rain Nightclub

Hope Dworaczyk, the Playboy magazine’s 2010 playmate of the year, who is making all stirs with her centerfold 3D nude picture in the magazine’s latest edition spiced up the atmosphere at the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday as she made her entry in a tiny pink dress. The dress revealed her more than covering her with lots of leg and cleavage show that night…

Radar Online reports that the model expressed her surprise as being landed with the accolade. Playboy boss Hugh Hefner presented Dworaczyk to the anxious crowd at the Palms Casino Resort. Other big names dazzling up the night include Holly Madison, Jayde Nicole and Crystal Harris. George Maloof and Robin Thicke were the night’s entertainers.